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jcrew warehouse weekends

Update to Tuesday’s post about the upcoming J.Crew Regional Warehouse Sale

If you don’t feel like reading this whole post, here are the key points:

    Sale opens at 8 a.m. tomorrow, January 6
    No coupons
    (I know, boo)

warehouse weekends

Last night, I received the following information form Warehouse Weekends, the company running the sale:

The J. Crew Warehouse Sale returns to Virginia for two weeks starting January 6. You’ll find great buys for the whole family. Past sales have featured discounts of up to 60% off retail on a variety of clothing and accessories for men women and children. The sale runs until the 22nd. Enjoy!

January 6, 2012 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Running daily through January 22. Times not specified.
J. Crew Warehouse Sale
9750 W Broad St (Former Borders Books location)
Glen Allen, VA 23060

You can keep up with Warehouse Weekends on Twitter or Facebook

If there were a coupon, I would have expected it to come with the sale email. Plus, Colleen left the following comment, with some more information about the sale policies:

There are no coupons and no discounts. Beware, JCrew has decided that you can no longer try anything on, anywhere, cannot sort your items until you are at the register and can only have one bag of merchandise. You are limited to purchase $500 worth of items and if by chance you take more than that to the register you will have to remove some of them until you get to the $500 mark. Once you have done all of this, if for any reason an item doesn’t fit or you got it for a friend and it doesn’t work, you have to sign a statement at the checkout stating you will not sell the item to anyone else, put it in a consignment shop, on craigslist, list a wedding dress on “the knot” etc. Checkout all of these crazy policies before you go- it seems like JCrew doesn’t really want to get rid of all this “scratch and dent” merchandise they are loading up in Borders.

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January 3rd, 2012 by RichmondBargains

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jcrew warehouse sale richmond

See 1/5 post for update on opening time and coupons

There will be a J.Crew Regional Warehouse Sale in Richmond starting this Friday January 6 and running through January 22. (Dates via J.Crew Aficionada) The location has shifted down West Broad Street a couple blocks to the former Borders store (9750 W Broad St, Glen Allen).

The previous warehouse sales have been very popular. If you want an idea of what to expect price-wise, check out my post about the fall 2010 sale.

I don’t have info on hours for this sale, but the previous Wedding Sale and last year’s Warehouse Sale opened at 10am. Update: saw a flyer that said it opened at 8am on Friday

I’m still getting email requests
There is currently NO Friends and Family coupon for this sale.

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March 4th, 2011 by Alison

If you are looking for information about the January 2012 Richmond sale, go to this post.

j crew wedding warehouse

Looks like another J.Crew warehouse sale is headed our way, but this one is geared to brides-to-be. So if that’s you –

J.Crew will be holding a “Clearance Store Wedding Event” at 9125 W. Broad St (TJMaxx Shopping Center) beginning next Friday, March 11. The sale will run daily from 10am to 6pm through March 20th (via Merriment Events)

If you come across a coupon that can be shared, would you pass it along?


Thanks to Virginia for sharing this –
j crew weddings parties sample sale

“The J.Crew Weddings & Parties Sample Sale… featuring an assortment of bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses from previous and current collections”

Plus I received a little more info from the folks at J.Crew: Sale includes “Wedding Dresses, Bridesmaid Dresses, Special Occasion’s Dresses, Shoes, Accessories and Jewelry. No men’s or kids or women’s pants, shirts etc.” So even if you’re not getting married, it might be worth a peek!


Here was my post about the warehouse sale last October: J.Crew Regional Warehouse Sale

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October 9th, 2010 by Alison

If you are looking for information about the January 2012 Sale in Richmond, go to this post

This post is from the October 2010 J. Crew Warehouse Sale in Richmond Virginia. I DON’T HAVE A CURRENT COUPON, I’m sorry!

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If you love j.crew, make a beeline for the TJMaxx shopping center on W Broad St to check out the j.crew regional warehouse sale.

What to expect:

Crowds! The company running the sale had crowd control under control, but when I visited Saturday morning, there was a line waiting to enter because the facility was at capacity. There was even a bit of a wait to find a parking space in the parking lot.

When you enter, you are issued a huge plastic bag for carrying your purchases and a price list. The large space is filled with a pervasive rustling as everyone moves about dragging their bags filled with loot. Everything except for wedding dresses has a flat price – no price tags, so refer to the price list.

Selected price points:

Non-sweater tops $10
Shorts/skirts/pants/capris $20
Men’s chino’s $15
Cashmere sweaters $40
Other sweaters $20
Dresses (non-wedding) $25
Jewelry $10
Other accessories $8
Leather handbags $30
Non-leather handbags $20
Swimwear per piece $3
Jackets/coats $50
Shoes $30
Sandals/espadrilles $20
Leather/suede boots $50
Rubber flip flops $2
Red line items (I didn’t notice any) $5

Coats/blazers $15
Non-sweater tops $8
Sweaters $10
Shorts/skirts/pants/capris $10
Dresses $20
Shoes $10

Be prepared to rummage! The inventory is all in boxes on tables and on the floor. It is roughly divided into women’s, men’s, children’s, shoes, and accessories; but gets jumbled up. Several new boxes of stuff were brought out while I was browsing.

There are no mirrors, no dressing rooms, and no returns! Know your size, including waist measurement for pants, and check your purchases carefully for defects. Irregular garments are included, some with small holes or stains.

Selection: Abundant women’s items, especially pants and coats. I saw several pieces from the Madewell line which is also owned by JCrew. While a few larges were mixed in, most of the women’s sizes I saw were in the 2-8 range. Men had a good-sized section as well. The children’s pickings (Crewcut line) were slim.

Bargains: It’s not yard sale pricing, but a great savings on J.Crew regular prices. I didn’t find any shirts I wanted for $10 (I didn’t dig as long or determinedly as I might have). I did pick up a pair of flip-flops ($2), a floppy sunhat ($8), and my big score was three swimsuits for $3 apiece! A basic brown, a basic black, and a print. I am soooo excited 🙂 I think swimsuits are the real steal there, but I didn’t have much competition for them (possibly because of the lack of dressing rooms)

Location and hours:
Former Good Wood store
TJMaxx shopping center (9125 W Broad St)

10am to 8pm now through October 17th

Thanks Lindsay for telling me about it!

Update: I have come into possession of the mythical 30% off “Friends and Family” coupon, thanks to Phil for telling me of its existence, and big thanks to Art for forwarding it to me! If you’d like me to forward the email (with PDF coupon attachment), just send an email to richmondbargains at gmail dot com. (Note – this coupon is only valid for the regional warehouse sale. I don’t think it will work at a regular J.Crew)

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