December 10th, 2013 by RichmondBargains

sugar shack donuts

Sugar Shack Donuts: Hand Made. Hand Cut. Hand Dipped.

A blurb in this month’s Richmond Magazine reminded me that I’ve been meaning to tell you to “like” Sugar Shack Donuts on Facebook.

Every day, owner Ian Kelley posts a Facebook message with a way to get a free donut. Sometimes it’s a free donut with drink or food purchase, but often it’s for doing something zany like wearing a Santa hat or mustache. (Today’s free donut challenge is to recite a haiku about donuts)

sugar shack donuts box

“Asked how the tradition got started, [Kelley] seems surprised. Giving them away seems obvious to him: ‘Everyone should get a doughnut!’ he says.”

The shop is located at 1001 N. Lombardy St.
(804) 278-5900 / Website

Also speaking of donuts, this Thursday, December 12, is “Day of the Dozens” at Krispy Kremeprint a coupon for “buy one dozen, get a dozen original glazed Free”

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August 12th, 2012 by RichmondBargains

toys r us coupon

Via Babies R’ Us Facebook page, go here to print a coupon for $5 off any purchase at Babies R’ Us or Toys R’ Us. Coupon is valid in-store through 8/16, and excludes some categories such as diapers and wipes. The barcodes are unique for one-time use.

Also available on Toys R’ Us Facebook page here.

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May 30th, 2012 by RichmondBargains

Richmond Bargains Facebook

Today Facebook introduced a “promoted posts” option for page owners. Facebook now gives me the option to pay $15 every time I put a post on Facebook to ensure that more Richmond Bargains fans see the post in their newsfeeds.

“Doesn’t that happen anyway? Don’t I see your updates because I “Like” the page?”

Nope. Because of Facebook’s EdgeRank system which has been in place for a while, my posts currently only appear to some of you, some of the time (only about half, or less, of Richmond Bargains fans are shown any given post). Facebook helpfully filters the rest. The less you interact with the page, the less you see.

What’s a fan to do? If you like being updated about the latest great deals and free events in Richmond (call me crazy, but I assume that’s why folks became fans of the page in the first place!) you have a few options –

    1. Interact with the page frequently. This goes for all Facebook pages that you would like to continue to see. “Like” posts, comment, etc. I love hearing about the deals you find! If you aren’t active on an ongoing basis, Facebook starts to show you less and less from that page (unless, of the course, the page pays to promote posts)

    2. Add Richmond Bargains to a Facebook interest list. This only helps if you’ll remember to check the list you create

      Go to
      Choose “+ Add Interests” in the top right-hand corner, or edit one of your existing lists
      Choose pages to add to the list
      In the top right corner of Richmond Bargains Facebook page, you should see a “Message” option. Next to it there is a little blue arrow pointing down
      Click the arrow and choose “add to interest lists” option, and choose the appropriate list or create a new one.

    You can access this list from the sidebar of your Facebook home page, under Interests

    3. Subscribe to email updates. You can sign up to receive daily (here) or weekly (here) email updates from I feel like this is moving backward, but it may be the only way to be sure you’re not missing anything.

Oh-so-ironically, I’m going to fork over the promoted post dough in hopes that everyone sees this and is aware of their options for keeping up-to-date since I don’t plan on promoting posts!

Thanks fans! Y’all are great and I love sharing deals with you 🙂

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April 30th, 2012 by RichmondBargains

domino's artisan

Facebook users that are Domino’s Pizza fans – be on the lookout for an Artisan Pizza Giveaway on Domino’s Facebook page, every day from today through Thursday.

(25,000 pizzas today, 20,000 Tuesday, 15,000 Wednesday, 15,000 Thursday). The start time varies and isn’t announced in advance, so it kind of requires stalking the Facebook page. You didn’t have any work to do today anyway, right? When this promo ran last, the giveaways went live in the afternoon.

Limit one free Artisan pizza per person. $7.99 value.

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