Cheap Date Idea: Walking RVA

My husband Brad and I aren’t big dinner daters – planning a babysitter and bedtime plus the cost of meals (and wine!) tend to deter us on all but the most special occasions

Last week we dropped the boys off with a friend and spent a morning exploring Byrd Park and Cary Street neighborhoods on foot. I have trouble walking and photographing simultaneously, but here are a few pictures from our journey:

footbridge over the Downtown Expressway
downtown expressway footbridge
downtown expressway
boulevard exit sign
uptown community garden
Light of Human Kindness wall at the old GRTC bus depot
light of human kindness wall
rva mural project cary street
sidewalk in Byrd Park
byrd park neighborhood

So taking a walk in a new place isn’t exactly revolutionary, but don’t underestimate it in date value! You get exercise, conversation, and entertainment (all free), and see things about your city you miss when driving. (You still have to arrange childcare, but I’ve found that tends to be easier and/or cheaper during the day) With any luck or a little prior planning, you’ll run across a coffee shop, ice cream parlor, farmer’s market, or other establishment where you can grab a treat, too!

Obviously, walking WITH kids works great too (as long as yours aren’t in the awkward “too big for strollers, too tired for long-distances” stage like ours are). You need a sturdy stroller for non-walkers because city sidewalks tend to be uneven.

What walks do you recommend? What about your favorite cheap date?? (Comment here or on Facebook)

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