“Young House Love” Shares Some Favorite RVA Thrifting Spots

yhl richmond thrift

I have my theories that the Petersiks may have single-handedly (two-handedly? four-handedly? six-hand and four pawsedly?) been the biggest force in putting Richmond on the map in the past few years.

OK, maybe exaggerating, but John & Sherry have definitely brought a positive national spotlight to our city for something besides the Civil War history, and they frequently share their adventures in RVA beyond just the four walls of their home.

To celebrate eight years in this town, Young House Love assembled an itinerary of some of their favorite shopping haunts in Richmond – mostly second-hand and all budget-conscious, as well as accompanying dining suggestions. John even plotted it all on a Google map for us.

The emphasis of the list is places to find deals on home decor and furniture. It’s no secret that DIY ain’t my MO (like, it’s a Big Deal when I hot glue some bottle caps), so I’m always grateful for their expertise, inspiration, and RVA-love. Check it out!

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    February 27th, 2014 by