More Flying Squirrels Savings – Cheap Beer and the Cheap Seats

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We took our older son to see the Flying Squirrels play last night (it was a blast – he’s five and is just starting to follow how baseball works. He insisted that I pay attention to all pitches so I could tell him if they were balls or strikes, and whether that was “good for the Flying Squirrels or not”)

But of course I can’t help looking for more bargains at the ballpark. I found these two and will add them to the main Flying Squirrels deal post here.

ollie's cheap seats flying squirrels

The Ollie’s Bargain Outlet Cheap Seats – What’s up with the “Ollie’s Cheap Seats” banner way down the third base line? Tickets in section 217 are available each game for $4. (You can purchase online – look for the “$4.00 – Ollie’s Seats” option – but there’s a $1.50 convenience charge for each.)

I’ve marked the location of the cheap seats above with a black arrow.

wash em down wednesday

Wash Em Down Wednesday – On Wednesdays, beers are available for $2 each. This isn’t mentioned on the Squirrels website, possibly because of weird ABC laws regarding advertising alcoholic beverage specials. Anyway, the sign didn’t specify, but I assume this applies to the small size beers (Around 14oz and $5.75 each normally, I think but don’t quote me)

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