Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Free “Forest of Fun” Preschool Pass back in 2013

busch gardens preschool pass

Virginia resident children up to age 5 can visit Busch Gardens Williamsburg again for FREE this summer, thanks to the return of the Forest of Fun Preschool Pass. Go here to register.

2013 Sesame Street Forest of Fun Preschool Pass
The Sesame Street Forest of Fun Preschool Pass is back and better than ever. This pass now offers unlimited admission to both Busch Gardens Williamsburg and Water Country USA for kids ages 3 through 5, who are Virginia residents, through Sept. 2, 2013.

Hurry, passes must be registered and redeemed at the park by May 31, 2013.

Note that there appear to be a few key changes to the program this year:

    The pass now includes Water Country USA as well (yay!)

    Pass expires Sept 2 (last year it was good through October)

    Pass must be redeemed at the park by May 31 (boo!)

Registration fine print: Offer valid for Virginia residents only. To receive the free Busch Gardens Preschool Pass, registration confirmation and valid form of identification must be presented at a Busch Gardens or Water Country USA ticket window. Valid identification must include a copy of a certified birth certificate or a travel passport. Please note school IDs or children security IDs will not be accepted. E-mail notification will be sent to the parent/guardian only.

Children two and under are free anytime.

This is my older son’s last year of eligibility, so we might do the BGW season pass thing this year :)

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    27 comments on “Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Free “Forest of Fun” Preschool Pass back in 2013
    1. A. Newman says:

      My daughter turns 6 in APril. If I redeem her pass before her birthday will she still be able to get in free all summer? Thx

      • RichmondBargains says:

        I have heard different answers. I believe you would be ok doing that, but I would recommend calling the park to ask (and keep notes about your conversation – who you spoke with and when -if they say it’s OK :) )

    2. Jean Thurston says:

      What does pass being redeemed by the park by May 31 if the pass is valid until Sept 2nd?

      • RichmondBargains says:

        Jean – It’s like a season pass – you need to make a trip by May 31 to receive the actual pass, but then your child can return as many times as you want over the summer

    3. Maurice Davis says:

      I will need 2 passes

    4. jeremy says:

      I’m a WV resident, our youngest is now 3 and the last 2 years we’ve used our 2 year passes…he didn’t need one. Now to finish up our 2 year pass that expires in September 2013, we have to buy him a 1 year pass?! I wish this offer extended to us WV residents!

      • RichmondBargains says:

        Jeremy – Ugh, I don’t know, that’s a great question. I would think so… but you are probably more familiar with the procedures that they use with season pass holders – did they request proof of his age last year when you visited?

    5. TT Robinson says:

      Our son is 5 but will be turning 6 at the end of June. We’d like to visit in May is he eligible for the pass?

    6. TT Robinson says:

      also how does this exactly work?

    7. Melody says:

      I’m looking for fun pass or season pass deals. You have had some good ones posted in the past. Where or when should I look?

      • RichmondBargains says:

        Hi Melody! The Virginia Resident Fun Pass is available for the price of a one-day admission again this year, I don’t know of any additional discounts for it. The only discount I saw for this year’s season passes was offered last fall, I’m afraid I’m not aware of any current offers (last spring Costco offered a great deal on passes, but I don’t think they are running it again)
        Wish I could be more help!

    8. Tammi Meador says:

      Great Busch Garden’s deal for kids 3 – 5 years! VA Residents only….

    9. Jenna says:

      I do Daycare and would like to get one of these for one of my daycare kids. If his mother fills out the forms can *I* redeem it for her at the park? She doesn’t have park passes but I do and I would be the one taking him during the summer.

      • Megan says:

        Jenna, my daughter’s Daycare took all 23 of them last summer with no problem. They just took a copy of everyone’s birth certificate. Also once your child gets one their info is in the system. This year I took my daughter and her cousin for spring break and didn’t have either of their birth certificate. They just looked it up and verified the information was the same as last year. Good luck!!

    10. jess says:

      Thanks for putting this information out there. My mom wants to take the whole family and this keeps it almost affordable. ;)

    11. John says:

      Can Grandparents who are Virginia residents get passes for grandchildren? They have a different last name.

    12. CRYSTAL says:

      My son had the Preschool pass last year, can I just renew it, or do I need to go to the park to redeem it by May 31st? I really hope that I can just renew it online…

    13. Renina Gordon says:

      My sons birthday is may 16 and I just heard about this and the parks are closed on the week day how do I redeem my ticket before his 6th birthday

    14. mindy sheffield says:

      My son was born overseas due to us being prior military, but now we own a home in Virginia and have for the last 3 years, I have a Virginia license and pay Virginia taxes and everything, Is my son eligible?

      • RichmondBargains says:

        Hi Mindy (and anyone with unique situations) – I would recommend getting in touch with Busch Gardens directly regarding questions, I can’t speak to the fine print. In your case Mindy, I think you would be fine because what matters is your residency, not where he was born

    15. Kim Archea says:

      My daughter turns three in June. Can we validate her pass by May 31, or will they say she is too young?

    16. Candus says:

      Per step 3 of the redemption instructions, I see that there is a seperate entrance for the Forest of Fun at Zone D. If I only want to got to the park to take my child to the Seasame Street part, will I need to buy an admission ticket for myself?

    17. Portia Green says:

      Does the child have to be with the parent when you redeem the preschool pass.

    18. elisssabeth says:

      @John…I just signed up for our pass, and when I did, there was a question that asked if you were the child’s parent, grandparent, or guardian…so I would take that to mean that, yes, grandparents can get the passes for their grandkids. But you still have to show up AT the park, WITH the kid, AND the printout, AND their birth certificate, by the end of May.

    19. Lee Roberts says:

      How can the pass expire on Sept 2013 but must be redeemed by May 2013?? It expires in May! so was good for about a month. Pointless.

    20. I am trying to get a pass for my daughter this year the free pass but it keep saying try again later can u please email me something when I we can print it

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