Too Good To Waste treasures?

We made a trip to Henrico’s Springfield Road landfill last week, and I was of course intrigued by the “Too Good to Waste” shelter across from the trash receptacles. (It’s possible I haven’t been to the dump since I was a kid!)

From the fall 2008 Henrico Today:

Are your old household items ready for a new home? Don’t want to throw them away, but not sure if you can recycle them? Henrico is offering a third way for those used-but-still usable toys, appliances, furniture and similar products. The county recently completed renovations and reopened its “Too Good to Waste” site at the Springfield Landfi ll residential use area. Henrico residents can drop off their outgrown, replaced, no-longer-needed but too-good to-waste items, which in turn are made available free of charge to residents who can reuse the goods. The process extends the life of a usable item, saves space in the county landfill and can save folks a few bucks, too.

The Too Good to Waste site features a new, larger storage shed; additional dumpster bays and a Goodwill donation box; and new exit and recycling lanes to enhance traffic flow. For a $3 drop-off charge, residents can deposit an array of materials at the shed. Items left range from toys, housewares, coffee tables, filing cabinets and exercise equipment to vanities, toilets, lawn equipment and a variety of building materials. The Goodwill box is provided for gently used clothing, shoes and household items. Most items are available at no cost to residents on a first-come, first-served basis…

The Too Good to Waste site is open to county residents from 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days per week (except certain holidays), at the Springfield Landfill residential use area, 10600 Fords Country Lane. For more information, call 747-1865 or log on to

The only inhabitant at the time of our visit was a basketball hoop; I expect weekends bring more action as people clean out their houses. A sign prohibits loitering and places a limit of two visits per day.

Must be a Henrico County resident to use the Springfield site, and each landfill trip costs $3. Frequent dump flyers can purchase ticket books: 10 tickets for $27.00 or a book of 15 tickets for $40.00. Each ticket is good for one trip.

Do other localities have similar sections? I *know* some of you must have good stories you’re dying to share about treasures found at the dump!

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