Exploring Richmond: The Floodwall Walk

Confession: I had never ventured onto the Floodwall before Sunday. Sure, I’ve traversed Belle Isle, Brown’s Island, and the Canal Walk oodles of times. But for whatever reason, I hadn’t explored the south bank except for crossing from Belle Isle briefly.

More on Floodwall Park from RichmondOutside.com

To get there from downtown, take 14th Street and cross the James on the Mayo Bridge. Just after you cross, there is a parking area on your right. Park and look for the path leading toward the river (We went west, but you can go under the bridge and follow a path east too).

This virtual tour shows you what the walk looks like.

We opted to pack our non-mobile toddler in a backpack, but most of the trail is level gravel and could be handled by a rugged stroller – you would have to carry it up a flight of steps onto the floodwall.

The views of the river and city were outstanding, and the weather was perfect!

Under the 9th Street bridge. I’ve seen this perspective on Instragram a dozen times in different seasons and weather.

As for wildlife, we spotted lots of dragonflies, a great blue heron, and even a fox.

We made it as far as the top of the Manchester Wall, which is popular with rock climbers, before heading back. The four-year-old got a daddy shoulder ride on the return trip, but it is very do-able for kids.

Highly recommend this unique city experience if you haven’t had it before!

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