The Third Annual Frugal School Supply Challenge

Calling all bargain shoppers!

It’s time again to answer the question “How many school supplies can you buy with a $10 budget?”

school supplies
(My haul from last year’s challenge)

If you’ve been reading this blog for less than a year, here’s the background:

The event began in 2010 when I challenged a few fellow frugal bloggers to a friendly competition to see who could stretch a small budget the furthest. I love shopping school supply deals, but needed a good excuse and great cause 🙂 The four of us spent $40 to accumulate $500 worth of supplies to donate to the Fulton Hill Neighborhood Resource Center. Here’s the recap post.

Last year, with help from Kroger and the Hodges Partnership, and orchestrated by Eleanor at Saving Our Way, we opened the challenge up to anyone who was interested and 16 shoppers collected over $3,000 worth of supplies to donate to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Richmond. You can read my recap post here.

My individual total was $104.87, which palls in comparison to the winner, Erin McGarvey, who stretched $10 to get $567.74 worth!(!) That is a 98.2% savings, folks.

This Sunday, the Challenge starts again – join us!

Why should you participate?

A. It’s a great cause. Well, it will be for a great cause – kids! 🙂 I’m still finalizing exactly which of many worthwhile Richmond organizations will receive this year’s supplies, and I will update that information as soon as I can. Update – we’ll be working with the Henrico Education Foundation – more info here.

B. It’s fun. If you’ve never tried, you’ll be surprised how many school supplies $10 buys when you are shopping the back-to-school deals!

C. You might win a prize. Those who accept the challenge this year will be eligible to win some cool prizes from generous sponsors:

    (2) $50 Kroger gift cards, courtesy of Kroger
    (2) KidsDineFree cards, courtesy of

    (1) $20 Ledo Pizza gift card + $20 Regal Cinemas gift card, courtesy of

    Anyone who participates (see terms below) has a chance to win!

Hopefully I’ve talked you into it, so here’s what you need to know:

    The Challenge runs 7/15/12 (this Sunday) to Tuesday, August 14. Purchases must be made in that time frame.

    You can spend a maximum of $10, excluding tax. Rebates do not count to your total.

    Save all your receipts, and keep records of your spending and saving (including where and when you made purchases, what the retail value was, what discounts you used, and how much you spent) There is a spreadsheet available on Google Docs if you could use help with the calculations. Go here.

    Your final total – how much you spent, and the total retail value of items – must be submitted by Wednesday, August 15th, 2012 at noon EDT. SUBMIT TOTALS USING THIS FORM.

    On Wednesday, August 15th, we will gather at Tuckahoe Library (1901 Starling Drive, Henrico, VA 23229) at 4pm to collect everyone’s collections, recognize the top frugal shoppers, and to select prize winners. If you can’t make it at that time, I’ll be happy to make other arrangements with you to pick up your stuff.

To be eligible to win one of the prizes, you must collect at least $40 retail value worth of supplies with your $10 budget (75% savings). This is so easy to do I am almost insulting your frugal intelligences by making it the minimum. (If it sounds daunting, I’d be happy to give you some ideas of where to start!) The point of the challenge is to challenge yourself! You must also provide your receipts and documentation if you are selected a winner, but you don’t have to be present on August 15th to win.

More fine print: No more than one prize per person. Participants will be assigned a number based on when their totals were received (first = 1), and from the total number of eligible participants, will be used to select the winning numbers. Donation must be received before prize is distributed.

Questions? Shoot! You can also hang out on the RVA Coupon Pros Facebook page to ask questions, share tips or photos, etc.

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