School Supply Challenge Week #1

We’re nearing the end of the first shopping week – how is it going?

I had grand plans of posting some of the top deals for the week, but that didn’t happen. I will try for next week’s deals next Monday.

The big news is that we officially have a non-profit partner: the Henrico Education Foundation! It supports programs, scholarships, and more for Henrico County Public Schools. HEF already has a “School Supply Challenge” through which it encourages businesses and community groups to collect supplies for challenged schools. The supplies that we purchase for our challenge will go to help Henrico High School and several East End elementary schools.

While anything goes as far as what you can purchase for the challenge (anything school-related of course) and it will all get used somewhere, the Henrico Education Foundation does have a list of supplies it requests, which might be worth keeping in mind while you’re trying to decide what deals to buy – you an view it here.

Rob sent me the following tip earlier this week:

My wife just found a great deal on highlighters and expo dry erase markers at Office Max. Inside the store is a $5 OFF coupon on three items.

We found (3) packages of Sharpie’s for $5…making them completely free.

Coupon is limit one per person per transaction. Look for it at the Sharpie’s display.

A quick rule clarification that was asked: Many of Staples deals are only valid with a $5 minimum purchase. The policy in place last year that we’ll use again is that to take advantage of those deals, the $5 purchase must be for the challenge (not you buying items for yourself, even though you might need them). But since rebates don’t count toward your total, if you can find Easy Rebate items to meet the $5 minimum, those won’t go against your budget. (If you’ve done something different this week, that’s fine, just know for future!)

There’s still oodles of time to join in! I haven’t made much progress beyond getting a raincheck for crayons at Kroger.

I did swing by Walmart yesterday and scope out the school supply section, which was just being assembled. Walmart isn’t great for this challenge, because it already has low prices and doesn’t offer deep discounts off of those. But if you are in the market for supplies for personal use, it had Elmer’s glue sticks for $.10 each, generic glue sticks “3 for $.25,” generic colored pencils or washable markers for $.50 each, and 1-subject notebooks for $.17.

For more information about the Challenge, check out last week’s post!

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