How to save $20 on Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Water County USA tickets

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UPDATE – This code is being finicky. If it doesn’t work from the home screen, try going to the tickets page before entering it in the promo code box

This info is for the 2012 season.

There’s a great Burger King promo code available currently that will save you $20 on Busch Gardens Williamsburg or Water Country USA single-day tickets, through September 3.

I included it in the Busch Gardens and Water Country savings posts, and it has been causing a little confusion how to redeem it, so I’ve made a quick visual guide:

1. Go to Busch Gardens website (regardless of whether you want Busch Garden or Water Country, start here)

2. Find the “Promo Code” link at the top (I have circled it in red)

3. Click the link, and enter code BGWBK in the box that appears

4. Click the Select button for the park you want to visit. Enter how many adult and child tickets you need.

5. Then click the brown “Check Out” box and complete the checkout process.

After discount, adult Busch Gardens tickets are $46.99 and Water Country are $27.99.

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