Stroll the old Huguenot Bridge on Sunday

Something I didn’t mention in the FAQ’s, but I also edit the RVANews community news website Near West End News – took over from Jonah Holland last November – and this is something I posted there today. If you live in the Near West End, please check it out/find it on Facebook, and let me know of any news tips or photos you have!

The old Huguenot Memorial Bridge is slated to be taken down, and VDOT is inviting the public to come say goodbye on Sunday. From VDOT press release:

After the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) shifts traffic from the existing Huguenot Memorial Bridge to the first half of the new bridge on Saturday, the public will have the opportunity to walk, bike or picnic on the old bridge Sunday, July 1 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. without disruption from vehicles. Crews will begin demolition of the 62-year-old bridge the following week to make way for the remaining half of the new bridge…

During the event, Huguenot Road traffic will continue to use the new bridge to cross the river. In order to safely access the old bridge, event participants will enter by foot or bike via the closed ramp from Riverside Drive on the south end of the bridge. Parking will be available along Riverside Drive. From Huguenot Road, drivers are encouraged to take Old Spring Road, turn right on Southampton Road to reach Riverside Drive (map). Richmond Police will monitor parking. Due to the traffic configuration just north of the bridge, VDOT does not advise participants to use the north approach for parking or access to the event.

Ice chests and folding chairs will be permitted on the bridge. Glass containers and alcohol will not be permitted. To keep the bridge and James River free of litter, the City of Richmond’s Clean City Commission and Department of Public Works will place trash and recycle bins along the bridge….

To find out more about the Huguenot Bridge reconstruction project or to sign up for project updates, visit

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