Leftover Luxuries Consignment Sale

I had a chance to swing by the Leftover Luxuries home consignment sale while my oldest was in preschool and snap a few pictures for those of you that might be interested in checking it out. The sale is going on from 10am-5pm everyday through Sunday, at 5801 Patterson Avenue, the corner of Libbie and Patterson Avenues.

The items are attractively organized into rooms, like a dining room or office. The sale includes furniture, art, fabric, and accessories. And they are all Nice. Expect to pay $75 minimum for a piece of furniture (the dining table pictured below is $600). I can’t provide much price analysis because it’s out of my usual range.

There is also a room of designer/high-end women’s clothes, and some selections of kids and mens items as well.

(Please try to excuse some of the lousy pictures. I was shooting one-handed with a grumpy, snotty baby on the other hip, valiantly attempting to keep him out of arm’s reach of destroying anything!)

More pictures can be found on Leftover Luxuries blog.

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    April 19th, 2012 by