Bargain Brag Tuesday – Halloween Costume

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I’ve mentioned my older son’s love of planes before; there wasn’t much doubt as to what he wanted to be for Halloween this year.


So I started the hunt in September. Unfortunately, little boys’ pilot costumes seem hard to come by on the thrift store/consignment sale circuit.

I ended up turning to eBay. For a week or two, I added flight suit auctions to my watch list. Most seemed to end up in the $20 range, but one day I stumbled across one with a low price and few bids. I stalked it until the last few seconds, then placed my bid and won a brand new costume for just $7.18.

With $5 shipping, my total cost was $12.18. To make the deal even better, I had picked up a $15 eBay Groupon for only $7 back in April (and paid for it with credits). Applying the Groupon towards my purchase meant the cost of the costume was only $5.68!

You take your chances regarding quality when buying on eBay, but I was quite pleased with the outfit. It has “real” fake patches, lots of pockets with zippers, etc., and came with aviator sunglasses that made it look like he stepped off the set of Top Gun.

And in the real test, my son loves it. He’s already worn it a dozen times since it arrived in mid-October. While he stubbornly refuses to wear sunglasses of any kind during the summer, he’ll wear these all day long and peek over the top.

halloween 2

How about you? How did you save money on cute costumes this year? Thrift store/swap/clearance/DIY? I’d love to see the pics if you want to link to them or add them to Richmond Bargains Facebook page!

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