School Supply Challenge Recap – $3000 Worth Collected!

Yesterday the participants in the RVA Coupon Pros School Supply Challenge gathered at Kroger to see how much we had bought with our $10 budgets, and to donate the results to the Boys & Girls Club.

This year, I set my goal to collect $100 worth on supplies with my $10. I kept it simple – no rebates, and actually only used one manufacturer’s coupon. So if you think getting great deals is complicated and involves lots of coupons, this shows it doesn’t have to be! In total I made 7 trips, shopping at Office Max, Office Depot, and Kroger.

school supplies

Here’s the breakdown of what I got with my $9.99:

    23 2-pocket folders
    11 packs of pens
    10 1-subject notebooks
    8 plastic rulers
    5 book covers
    5 packages of index cards
    5 packs of filler paper
    4 packs of crayons
    4 packs of pencils
    4 wood rulers
    3 pencil pouches
    3 compasses
    3 protractors
    3 poly binders
    2 composition books
    2 scissors

Total retail value = $104.87

I bet you’d like to know who won – The top three were Erin McGarvey ($567.74), Anjie Henley who collected ($449.25) and Sarah Metzgar ($302.78). Talk about some super couponers! Althogether, sixteen folks participated and collected $3,046.63 worth!

Want to read more? Check out yesterday’s “More Bang for Your Buck” segment on NBC12!

And here are individual reports from Kim, Ann, Anjie, Debbie, and Eleanor. Did i miss anyone?

Kroger donated $1000 as well!

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