Bargain Brag Monday – HP Touchpad

Between earthquakes and hurricanes, it was quite a week!

I’m normally not a tech deal girl, but my big bargain of the week was snagging a 16gb HP Touchpad for $99.99 from HP announced that it was exiting the WebOS & tablet biz shortly after entering, so retailers clearanced out the inventory at a major discount off the $400 previous price!

I’m in the process of getting it set up and used to the WebOS operating system.

(My earthquake story: The UPS truck had just dropped off the Best Buy package and I was about to open it when the house started thumping. The dryer was running, so my immediate irrational thought was that the load had gotten unbalanced. But I opened it and the thumping didn’t stop!)

Loving the 6 cabinets Young House Love found for six bucks!

How about you guys? Any major scores? Any hurricane or earthquake stories to share? We only lost power for two hours, but we did lose a huge tree right next to our house!

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    August 29th, 2011 by