Play SCVNGR Scavenger Hunt at Maymont


So I’ve been to Maymont, conservatively, a million times in my life.

But there are always new things to do and see, case-in-point: The Seven Wonders of Maymont trek on SCVNGR (a smartphone app). You can earn SCVNGR points, get a custom Maymont badge and receive free Nature Center passes. The challenges start at the Nature & Visitors Center, and estimated time to complete the trek is 1-2 hours.

SCVNGR is a social, location-based game that can be played on an iPhone, Android or via SMS text messaging. Participate in treks and challenges, check-in to locations using your phone’s GPS, do social check-ins with friends, and win real-world rewards.

To play The Seven Wonders of Maymont trek, iphone and android users simply download the SCVNGR app, head to Maymont and look for the trek under the Treks tab once you’ve arrived. To play via SMS upon arrival at Maymont, send the trek keyword MAYMONT as a text message to 728647 (SCVNGR). This will work for any text-enabled phone on any carrier in the United States and Canada.

Via West of the Boulevard News

Sounds like a fun free activity. Has anyone tried it? This is apparently the first official SCVNGR trek available in Central Virginia, perhaps more will follow.

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