Hope Thrift Report

As I mentioned last week, a new thrift store just opened in the West End, and I stopped by on Saturday to take a peek!

Hope Thrift is run by Hope Church, and located at 11260 Patterson Ave, next to Food Lion in the Tuckahoe Village Shopping Center.

First impressions were that the store was big, and busy. After squeezing through many tight spaces at other shops, I really appreciated having room to move. In addition to shoppers, there were a number of volunteers buzzing around, putting things in their places.

Hope Thrift carries a full range of items, including furniture, electronics, home decor, books, toys, baby equipment, shoes, and clothes. Furniture is located at the front – some pieces I noticed were a china cabinet ($149, pictured), hall table ($65), and wooden rockers ($50-$70).

Looking over the books quickly ($1 paperbacks, $3 hardcovers), they were separated roughly by topic, including a large Christian section (which makes sense being a church ministry).

Then I moved on to the clothes at the back. The store’s system is to flat-price items: $5 for women’s shirts, $3 for kids clothes, etc. The best deals were a rack of $.25 t-shirts and baby onesies for $.50. $5 seemed a little steep for some of the items, but that should be resolved if & when a markdown system is put into place.

Baby items included several swings for $10-$12 and a solid changing table for $49. There was also assorted sports equipment and bikes, and a large section of toys.

If you’re shopping with small children, you may want to pick up a $1 grab bag of small toys, located by the register, for entertainment purposes. Jewelry is in a case at the register as well, and ranged in price from $1-$5.

After all that browsing, the only thing I came away with was a book (How To Win Friends & Influence People 🙂 ) but I’ll be back.

(There’s no phone number for the store yet. You can see more pictures in Hope Thrift’s Facebook album)

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