Fresh to Frozen Grocery Salvage Store Review

fresh to frozen

I’ve been wanting to check out Fresh-to-Frozen for a long time and finally made it when I was in Bon Air for The Clothesline consignment sale.

Fresh-to-Frozen grocery salvage is located in the old Ukrop’s space at 7803 Midlothian Turnpike, just off the Chippenham exit past what was Cloverleaf Mall.

fresh to frozen ukrops sign

If you’re nostalgic for Ukrop’s, you’ll probably enjoy the Ukrop’s throwbacks, such as original aisle signage and the same forest green shopping carts.

The store carries all the major grocery categories. Up at the very front were loaves of bread from a variety of brands for $1.19.

fresh to frozen produce

The produce selection is large and varied in quality, with a number of good values. I picked up red peppers “2 for $1”; there were also green, yellow and orange peppers “4 for $1” but most had seen fresher days. I also grabbed a squash for $.62/lb.

fresh to frozen wine

Next up was the beer and wine section. Beer prices were nothing special. We were out of white wine at home, so I did pick up several bottles of wine to experiment with. These range in price form $2.99 to $5.99. I would say altogether there were 10-15 varieties available.

Behind that was a small meat section, in which I glanced at hams, chicken thighs and lunchmeat.

fresh to frozen aisle

ragu fresh to frozen

Ragu: $1.82. One aisle was almost completely devoted to Ragu and Prego pasta sauce, neither of which were especially cheap – Ragu was only $1.45 before coupons in Kroger’s Mega Event last week.

The spice section always seems to offer good value in salvage stores – I saw lots of options in the $1 to $2 range.

newman's own salsa

Several jars of Newman’s Own salsa (one of my husband’s favorites) made it into my cart. The cheapest I can get them is $1 with a rare sale and coupon combo at Kroger, but $1.47 is a good deal.

fresh to frozen baby food

The baby food also seemed like a deal – 4 Stage 2 Gerber jars for $.62 and less for Beech-Nut – but I didn’t check the expirations.

fresh to frozen yobaby

In the refrigerated section, $.20 for a container of YoBaby yogurt is a bargain… but the cups were dated February 8 (and I was there on the 24th). Milk was NOT cheap at $3.38/gallon for skim.

And the frozen department contained lots of Lean Cuisine meals ranging from $1 (for a spinach mushroom pizza dated August 2008!) to $2+, as well as an Edward’s frozen dessert for $1 (dated best by January 2011, but I’m OK with that)

So, as with any salvage store, you have to be on your toes, both for the quality/freshness of the merchandise and for the value it offers compared to a good “regular” grocery store sale. I’m looking forward to going back now that I know where it is and that it doesn’t take me as long to drive as I had expected.

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Have you found any fabulous bargains or had any bad experiences there?

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