Frugal Blogger Food Drive Challenge Results

The deal bloggers of Richmond strike again, this time collecting donations for the Food Bank on $10 budgets. In this round, there were five of us storming the stores: Eleanor at Saving Our Way, Tiffany at Young and Frugal in Virginia, Stephanie at Coupon Clippin Mommy, Kim at Day by Day Savings, and myself.

I’ll tell you straight off, I did not bring my A-game to this challenge. Maybe a solid B. I’m not really sure what happened, but I didn’t budget my time and money properly. So when I went to tally up my totals at the end of the challenge period, I discovered I had only spent $5.22.


So this week I rushed out and spent the rest of my budget. Before this week, my total value was $62.60. Ultimately, I collected $85.17 worth of food – 49 items – with my $10. Not bad, but I fell a little short of my goal of $100 value. Here is what I got:
my food

The superstar winner of this challenge round was the new competitor, Kim from Day by Day Savings. She clocked in with $115.75 worth of groceries.

And altogether, the five of us collected $377.78 worth of food with $48.16 in spending. We all agreed the food drive was more challenging than the school supply one in August and September, plus November was just a busier time for everyone.

But we got a TON of food (I’m surprised Stephanie’s table didn’t collapse!) Here’s what $377.78 in groceries looks like:



Oodles of soup (50+ cans!), boxed potatoes, cereal, and condensed milk. The bulk of items came from Kroger sales, with a little Target, MARTIN’S, and CVS thrown in.

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