Frugal Bloggers Competing in School Supply Charity Challenge

school supply challenge

How many school supplies can $10 buy? Some Richmond money-saving bloggers, myself included, are in the process of finding out!

For the past four weeks, we’ve been scouring the back-to-school deals around town. Armed with only a $10 budget (including tax), our challenge was to shop the sales to collect as many supplies as possible. We’ll be working with Greater Richmond’s “Back-to-School Splash” to donate the fruit of our labor to the Fulton Hill Neighborhood Resource Center.

In addition to Richmond Bargains, the other competitors are

Eleanor from Saving Our Way
Tiffany from Young and Frugal in Virginia
Stephanie from Coupon Clippin Mommy

I’m pretty proud of how far I’ve stretched my $10, but Eleanor has been talking smack about the rest of us needing to be afraid 😉

We’ll be gathering next Thursday night to find out whose deal-hunting reigns supreme, so check back Friday the 20th for the results and photos!

Consider taking advantage of all the great deals going on this month to pick up a few supplies to donate to a number of causes collecting them in Richmond – In addition to the Back to School Splash, Crossover Ministries needs your help, or get a free mini-sundae from Arby’s when you donate supplies to Stuff the Bus this Saturday or the next.

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