Guest Tips: Saving Money on Medicine & Salons

I have some great money-saving tips and reviews to pass along today, all courtesy of a few blog readers!

From Onika (Apologies because I was supposed to post this last week while I was gone, and didn’t):

I have three kids and as you know the cost of over the counter medicine can get high. One day I noticed that my kid’s medicines had adult dosage information on it. Now I only buy kid medicines and skip the added cost of purchasing medicine for my husband and I. We do not get sick often so if we do we go to the Children’s allergy, cold, etc… medicine and just take the adult dosage per the instructions on the label. This has saved us from purchasing adult medicines with in essence the same ingredients.

And thanks to Rachel:

I recently noticed a lot of salons in the area do e-mail promotions that you can sign up for on their website. Nesbit in the Fan sends out nearly daily e-mails with their openings and offers 20% off haircuts and hair treatments/colors and a variety of discounted other services (manis, pedis, massages, tanning, etc). Also, La Bella Donna (Skin Care/Waxing/Spa) in Forest Hill and Karina’s in the Fan offer similar weekly e-mail specials. I’m sure there are loads of other places, but those are the ones I’ve found. If you can wait for your stylist or are flexible with times, it’s a great way to get a service at a discount!

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