Review: N&W Salvage

I heard raves about N&W Salvage from my friend Whitney and took her up on the offer to show me around. We and our respective infants descended upon it on a Tuesday afternoon.

The location is very easy to find – on Williamsburg Rd just past the airport on the right. The light-colored building is clearly marked. (Discovered my camera batteries were dead, so I wasn’t able to get any photos)

N&W obviously isn’t a well-kept secret; there was a steady stream of customer traffic, probably boosted by the spring break school holiday. And there’s not much space to spare inside the store, which made maneuvering our two shopping carts a bit of a challenge.

The first section of the main room is devoted to food. The biggest “genres” seemed to be snack foods and pantry staples. I picked up cans of College Inn organic chicken broth for $.50, jars of artichoke hearts for $.99, 25oz jar of Bertolli olive oil $4.99, and apple cider vinegar for $.50.

A big caveat with the food is that much of it is past expiration date, but probably still good. Brush up on your food spoilage rules before visiting. All my purchases were still within their “sell by” dates, but I did find some Grey Poupon honey dated sometime in ’06.

Attention Richmond foodies: The spice aisle was most memorable. One whole side was filled with more spices than I knew existed. Granted, that’s not saying a lot. McCormick brand was well-represented, as well as a number of names I didn’t recognize. Most bottles were $.99, like the cinnamon sticks and rotisserie chicken seasoning I bought. Chili and taco seasonings were available in bulk bags for $1.49.

The rest of the store holds all kinds of general merchandise: socks, sunglasses, hair accessories, tools & hardware, cleaning supplies, pet accessories, etc. Some of my favorite “brand name” deals were Halo sleepsacks for $3.99, and $7 Talbot’s pantyhose for $1.79.

A smaller room connected to the side of the store was filled with home decor and outdoor items. The decor was heavy on beach themes and Americana. If you’re doing any remodeling, there was a nice display of knobs and drawer pulls, prices $.99 to $1.99, as well as large framed wall art in neutral colors for $50 and under.

In the space connecting the two rooms, you’ll find a smattering of books and a party section with a wide selection of attractive gift bags and wrapping paper for $.99 each.

There was also a large cigarette counter that I didn’t investigate.

Checkout was relatively efficient; bring your photo ID if paying by credit card. I spent about $30.

Overall, I definitely found more worthwhile deals at N&W than my other recent salvage store trip to “random heaven” Foremost Sales, since N&W carries food and a broader selection of goods. It’s definitely worth a detour the next time I’m at the airport!

319 W Williamsburg Rd, Sandston, VA 23150
(804) 737-0279

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