Ring Around the Rosy Sale Report

I wasn’t planning to shop consignment sales two days in a row, but some Richmond Mommies said the Ring Around the Rosy Consignment Sale rocked 🙂 So I trekked down to the intersection of Midlothian/288 and this industrial office park:



The entrance is not very obvious! I have marked it with a red arrow in the first photo. Parking spaces are in short supply also. Expect to park on the side of the road.

Inside, the main office area has been repurposed to hold kids clothes & shoes, and maternity:


Smaller side rooms held categories such as room decor, swimsuits/jackets/fancy dresses, and infant gear:



Obviously, there is a very large selection (the sign outside said the sale had 15,000 pieces!). Prices for boys clothes were a little higher than I want to pay for second-hand – a lot in the $5 range. But there were a number of Gymboree outfits (~$10 or so), some Ralph Lauren, etc. Pieces remaining for the 50% off sale could be some great values.

The girls section looked twice as big (as usual), so you have even more choices if that’s what you’re looking for!

Note #1: Due to sale requirements, there are no pieces priced less then $2.50, although items could be grouped in lots and tagged $2.50.

Note #2: Stained items are not allowed according to the rules, but always check carefully (at any consignment sale). I saw a prominently stained Gymboree tee, with matching socks, that had snuck through for $6.

Toys, books and larger items are housed in the warehouse section, which definitely has a “wow” factor when you walk through the door:



Toys galore. There were bins under the tables stuffed full of toys because there was no space to display them. At the end were larger items, like some kids bikes, dollhouses, jogging strollers, riding toys, etc. VHS tapes were well-represented.

I scooped up some good deals on board books (2 “lots” containing 9 books total for $5.50), and a wooden puzzle for $2.50.

Note #3: The warehouse is not heated. I had left my jacket in the car and was chilly!

Checkout was simple and swift. expedited by the barcoded hang tags that could be snipped off and scanned.

Don’t forget to pick up your goody bag from the table at the door, and Babies R Us coupons if you need them. The ad and offers in the bags are most geared to pregnant/new moms, but also has Richmondmom.com 2009 Savvy Saver card for “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” Friday Admission to the Science Museum and more.

Ring Around the Rosy actually runs for three weekends, so you have plenty of chances to shop. next weekend is Family Fun Weekend, with kid’s games and activities, special appearances by Geoffrey from Toys R Us, crafts, balloons, giveaways, prize drawings and more. The last weekend is 50% off.

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