Diaper Clearance at Target

Diaper prices hiked a couple of months ago, and I’ve heard they may be going up again in September, so this is a golden opportunity to stock up on Huggies and Pampers for your little one. Target is clearing out its special stock of big boxes of diapers, and they’re marked $19.58, 30% off of the $27.99 original price. Size 4 Cruisers contain 100ct and the Baby Dry have 126. You can use manufacturer’s coupons on these boxes. And if you’re buying Pampers, you can also use this Target printable coupon for $5 off when you buy Pampers diapers AND 180 ct or larger wipes. The 180 wipes packages are $5.99, so it makes the wipes almost free ($1 or even less if you have manufacturer’s coupons). Coupon expires tomorrow, 7/31.

So here’s a sample transaction:
$19.58 Box o’ Pampers diapers (Size 4 Baby Dry)
$5.99 Big pack of Pampers wipes (Swipers)
-$1.50 Manufacturer’s coupon for diapers
-$1.00 Manufacturer’s coupon for wipes
-$5.00 Target coupon for buying both together
= $18.07 for 126 diapers and 180 wipes

A stellar deal can be had on Pampers Easy-Ups through tomorrow, if you can find them in stock. The big box I saw was marked 50% off – $9.98 for 54 size 6. You can use a $1.50 Pampers manufacturers coupon, PLUS a Target printable coupon for $2 off Easy Ups. (The Target coupon is available through afullcup.com. Scroll down to coupons expiring 7/31 and click on the Easy-Ups coupon, then type the quantity of that coupon you’d like to print)

*Note: The boxes aren’t in the baby section. They’re probably in the seasonal merchandise section of your store, along with a number of other “limited time” large size household goods on clearance.

And while you’re there, cruise through the toy section. Target is in the midst of doing major toy clearance – Lots of items 75% off, including the summer stock.

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